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The Bottom Voices
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Date:2005-07-01 14:35
Subject:Perfect pitch

Hi Guys!
I hope it's okay that i'm posting this hear, but since this is a music community, I thought some of you might be interested!
Hope it's okay that I'm promoting an LJ community here. If it's not, I'll delete it.
Do you wish you had perfect pitch? DO you know someone who does? Do you want to know more about it? Do you ever question what it's like for people who have perfect pitch, people who can pull notes out of thin air? Well, if any of these things apply to you, or you are just feeling like joining, hop on over to
and see what the fun's all about!
Hope to see you there!

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Date:2005-05-01 04:40

I'm thinking about auditioning for this choir/singing group some time soon but most importantly, I'm thinking about what song I should sing when I do. I'm 15 and I'm an alto. I can do some sop (mezzo-sop) stuff but I'm more comfortable doing alto songs using chest (and middle) voice. I was thinking of doing "16 Going On 17" from The Sound of Music since I find it pretty easy for me compared to some other songs out there but I'd like to get more ideas and keep my options open. Can anyone suggest nice songs that I can sing? How about songs that are somewhat similar to "16 Going On 17" that you would recommend? I'd really, really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!


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Date:2005-04-26 18:19

I was browing journals and I came across this community. I think it's a fabulous idea. Us alto's are underappreciated, but it's true, the piece would be hollow without us.

I've been singing for as long as I can remember, but I started to get really into it when I was 12. I've been taking classes and participating in vocal events since.

♥ Stephanie

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Date:2005-03-07 20:29

hey guys, i'm melissa, and ive been an alto for about 4 years. im more into orchestra, being a horn player, but my love for music extends into all of its aspects.

i was mainly wondering if anyone had a recording of norman dello joio's "come to me, my love." we're performing it in our choir, and its one of the most gorgeous pieces ive ever heard...i have to have it. lol so if anyone has a recording they can send me, you can instant message me on AIM on christabella 17, or email me at horngoddess17@hotmail.com.

thanks :)

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Date:2005-01-16 20:23

Hullo. *Waves* Alto two here. It's a shame how we always get stuck with the boring parts, but occasionally there's a composer who really knows how to utilize us. I wondered if any of you were Brahms fans. It's said that Brahms really loved altos, and if you've ever sung anything by him, you can see it! Er...hear it? You can tell, anyway.

So who is your favorite composer? To perform, or just to listen to. I am a Bach addict. I also love Brahms and Messiaen and Mahler and Chopin and Ravel and Xenakis and Leroy Anderson and a ton of others.

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Date:2005-01-10 18:51

hey. I'm an alto, and in my school's concert choir+madrigals. I absolutely LOVE being an alto, after being a soprano last year. The parts are more interesting. =) altos forever!

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Date:2004-09-03 21:54
Subject:Just Joined...
Mood: content

Hello everybody. I've just joined madrigals at my school and I'm an alto. But some people call me sopralto cause I can sing all three voices if needed. I've been looking for a good community and it looks like I found one.

again, HI!

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Date:2004-08-18 22:04
Subject:Intro and a few questions
Mood: good

Hello, everyone. Just wanted to say hi.
I've never sung in a chorus before and I probably never will, so my knowledge when it comes to voices is pretty unimpressive. I just sing. :/
I have a very deep voice, something that bothered me a bit when I was a kid. Until I discovered something - I could sing, everything from opera to metal. These days, my voice is my weapon of choice. ;)

I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer for me.
1) I see some of you referring to alto II. That means there is an alto I...what's the difference?
2) I also sing typical tenor-type opera songs, and with, in my own opinion, a rather good result. Is it possible for a female to be a tenor, or is that by definition a male-only voice? Probably a stupid question, but I won't find out unless I ask. ;)

And another thing; I love Gregorian chants, but I don't know much about it. Any of you have any tips or CDs I can buy? Preferably something that's still sold over the counter; I live in a rather remote part of the world, so being told to visit a used CD shop on lower Manhattan won't be of much use, I'm afraid.

So...yeah. Hi. :)

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Date:2004-08-09 19:17
Mood: tired

Well noone has been posting in here lately so i thought id post lol! ok so today was our first day back to school.. blah... but that also means chorus so that was a plus.. i must say its very different switching from a mixed class to an all womens class. but i think this year will be awesome bc im now in the most advanced class and we have 40 girls in it all of which have either gone to allstate or made a perfect score on the audition for choir placement. so i think it'll be a very good year (chorus wise)!

alright thats about sll i have to say!!

<3 Amy

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Date:2004-07-17 23:38
Subject:hello :)
Mood: chipper

I love the idea of this community... I was so excited when I found it. I was an alto all throughout high school, usually alto I but I've done II as well.. I'll be a freshman at Regis College this fall and I'm hoping to be an alto in Glee Club. :) I've been a part of many chorus groups @ my high school, as well as districts and all-state chorus. Alto is definitely more fun, I LOVE singing harmony and I like singing low. In fact I was a tenor this year in our production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"... I was one of the brothers. That was wicked fun.. Anyway, I'm glad I found this community! ttyl
your fellow alto, amanda

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Date:2004-06-22 02:27
Mood: giggly

Hey! I'm Lauren, and I'm an alto II. I am so excited that this community is out here! While the altos in our choir aren't abused or ignored, we are slightly less appreciated than soprano, tenor, and bass. I personally think that in some songs, the alto part makes the music and gives it a much more mature sound. I'm a big fan of bass as well. I love the lower parts. I was thinking about switching over to soprano I next year. I have a 5 octave voice range, so I don't think it would be a problem, but it's just too fun being an alto and outsinging all other sections. :)

Alto pride!

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Date:2004-06-15 12:35

hey!!! im Amy... Alto 1 and proud of it!!! lol im from GA and im in North Gwinnett high schools chorale. I have been to allstate twice. I plan to major in music education (specifically choral education) im a pretty big chorus dork lol i luv chorus.. ive been in it since 4th grade... and im still goin! x0xAmyx0x


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Date:2004-06-02 18:19

I am an Alto II and proud of it! I currently sing in my high school choir, and two other church choirs. I have also made it into SJC for the last 4 years. I like to sing tenor, and frequently do when singing with my friends. Sometimes, though, i sing sop II to help them out :) I am, like most of you probably are, most comfortable singing in full chest and low mask. Yay altos!

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Date:2004-05-14 09:58
Subject:yo yo yo
Mood: crazy

Hey everyone, I am Alana. I'm 18 and I am an almost sophomore at SUNY Oneonta. I am a second alto in the concert choir and a first in the a capella group that i am in, "Hooked on Tonics." (we rock!)

Alto pride all the way babyyyyyy!! I can sing up to some of the second soprano range (booo) and i swear i can go as low as some of the bass notes. but i will forever be a loverly alto! so hey and i love you all!

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Date:2004-03-31 17:36
Subject:i'm new-ish.
Mood: crappy

hello fellow altos.

my name is Amber and I'm 14 from Chester Virginia. I sing for the Carver Middle School 8th grade Advanced Chorus. We recently won superior at the District III Choral Festival and we will compete at the Musicale Busch Gardens competition. Yeah....I'm pretty much an alto. :) hope to talk to y'all soon.


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Date:2004-02-22 13:41
Subject:i'm new!
Mood: creative

I absolutely love choral music and I adore a cappella even more..I haven't declared whether or not I'm going to be a music minor or not, but I am in the Concert Chorale at MTSU (middle tennessee state university). I'm a second alto..I can sing tenor most of the time! and I love it!...anyway since high school choir doesn't have the same affect on me as it did..I used to cry during rehearsal when I was in highschool...I think it had to do with how small my choir was, how perfect my director pushed us to sound, and how much work and dedication we all put into it...my choral director at my university is an amazingly brilliant man, really he is...he just doesn't give a hoot about the Concert Chorale, you "have" to be a senior or music major and a famous opera singer to get into his "advanced" choir...exaggeration just a bit...and I also didn't get the chance to audition for the "advanced" choir because I was late at registration..I had a scholarship for vocal music to a private school and I decided not to take it last minute..so that's my choral music situation, in the mean time I just download whatever songs I can find that we sang in high school and I put my head phones on, turn the volume up as loud as it goes, close my eyes...sing my part, and cry..not because i'm sad though, just because it's so beautiful...I wish I could be apart of something that amazing again..

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Date:2004-01-20 23:20
Subject:Turn your head up to the sky... nothing down below but me
Mood: confused

Does one need to skimp out on their love and performance of music to pursue a completely different career? I am absolutely torn by my passion for music and my dream to become a veterinarian. It seems that those just cannot mix. I have tried joining an unauditioned choir in my college (singing alto, of course), but the quality was atrocious. However, the auditioned choir rehearses daily and is extremely selective. Even if I did get in, I couldn't concentrate on my academics.... Sorry to dump this on you guys, but maybe some objective opinions from fellow altos might do me some good.

On a lighter note, isn't it so much fun to be able to sing lower than your tenor boyfirend? ^-^


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Date:2003-11-28 11:21
Subject:somewhere in the middle, always hugging the bottom
Mood: curious

all through highschool, i was always an alto 2. sometimes the only girl who wasn't only willing to sing below middle C, but i actually WANTED to sing all the way down to D3 if it was written!
now, having nearly completely my first semester as a voice major at nazareth college, my voice teacher has me warming up to F6's!! AAAHHHH!!!! she has deemed me a lyric mezzo. sometimes i'm glad, sometimes i'm very very sad. i will always and forever sing alto in choir because i can and do sing those D3s.
and its healthy to extend your range higher and lower. i'm proud of my 3+ octave range :D
what about you? what is your official classification?

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Date:2003-11-09 20:51
Subject:an intro from one of the bottom dwellers

well, hello there, fellow altos.
i have sung 2nd alto since i was 14 years old. i am now 25. 11 years! go figure. we are SO underappreciated. in high school, some friends of mine and i coined the term "alto power" and i have been a firm believer in it ever since. when i sang with the milwaukee symphony chorus a few years back, our conductor actually appreciated us...he said that a choir is like a good meal. the sopranos are the meat...everybody notices them first because they are the most obvious. but the altos...the altos are the potatoes. maybe we get pushed aside at first, but without us, the meat wouldn't taste nearly as good, and the presentation of the whole damn dinner would fall apart. hmm...i liked him.
anyways...i'm 25, a student (back this year after a 3 year hiatus!) and getting ready to audition for the chamber choir here at my university. wish me luck *crosses fingers* it's been almost four years since i've sung in a choir!
looking forward to getting to know you all --

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Date:2003-10-20 12:37

Hi everyone!

I have sung in choruses/choirs since I was...geez...12, I guess. (That's half of my life! Wow!) I am currently singing with an alumnae group from the women's college that I graduated from. I have been a sometimes second for 5 years, which means that I sing soprano when we're SSA and Alto I when we're SSAA and SA. Basically, I make up my own part. ;-) This year because we have so many sopranos, I have been asked to be a full-fledged alto once again. (Which means that I have to learn a new part than what I've been singing for a month. Yikes!)

I was a little miffed because I like singing those high notes, but I am going to embrace my alto pride and be the best alto I can be. :):)

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