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i'm new!

I absolutely love choral music and I adore a cappella even more..I haven't declared whether or not I'm going to be a music minor or not, but I am in the Concert Chorale at MTSU (middle tennessee state university). I'm a second alto..I can sing tenor most of the time! and I love it!...anyway since high school choir doesn't have the same affect on me as it did..I used to cry during rehearsal when I was in highschool...I think it had to do with how small my choir was, how perfect my director pushed us to sound, and how much work and dedication we all put into choral director at my university is an amazingly brilliant man, really he is...he just doesn't give a hoot about the Concert Chorale, you "have" to be a senior or music major and a famous opera singer to get into his "advanced" choir...exaggeration just a bit...and I also didn't get the chance to audition for the "advanced" choir because I was late at registration..I had a scholarship for vocal music to a private school and I decided not to take it last that's my choral music situation, in the mean time I just download whatever songs I can find that we sang in high school and I put my head phones on, turn the volume up as loud as it goes, close my eyes...sing my part, and cry..not because i'm sad though, just because it's so beautiful...I wish I could be apart of something that amazing again..
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