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Intro and a few questions

Hello, everyone. Just wanted to say hi.
I've never sung in a chorus before and I probably never will, so my knowledge when it comes to voices is pretty unimpressive. I just sing. :/
I have a very deep voice, something that bothered me a bit when I was a kid. Until I discovered something - I could sing, everything from opera to metal. These days, my voice is my weapon of choice. ;)

I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer for me.
1) I see some of you referring to alto II. That means there is an alto I...what's the difference?
2) I also sing typical tenor-type opera songs, and with, in my own opinion, a rather good result. Is it possible for a female to be a tenor, or is that by definition a male-only voice? Probably a stupid question, but I won't find out unless I ask. ;)

And another thing; I love Gregorian chants, but I don't know much about it. Any of you have any tips or CDs I can buy? Preferably something that's still sold over the counter; I live in a rather remote part of the world, so being told to visit a used CD shop on lower Manhattan won't be of much use, I'm afraid.

So...yeah. Hi. :)
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