someone you could know (i_come_undone) wrote in alto_pride,
someone you could know

an intro from one of the bottom dwellers

well, hello there, fellow altos.
i have sung 2nd alto since i was 14 years old. i am now 25. 11 years! go figure. we are SO underappreciated. in high school, some friends of mine and i coined the term "alto power" and i have been a firm believer in it ever since. when i sang with the milwaukee symphony chorus a few years back, our conductor actually appreciated us...he said that a choir is like a good meal. the sopranos are the meat...everybody notices them first because they are the most obvious. but the altos...the altos are the potatoes. maybe we get pushed aside at first, but without us, the meat wouldn't taste nearly as good, and the presentation of the whole damn dinner would fall apart. hmm...i liked him.
anyways...i'm 25, a student (back this year after a 3 year hiatus!) and getting ready to audition for the chamber choir here at my university. wish me luck *crosses fingers* it's been almost four years since i've sung in a choir!
looking forward to getting to know you all --
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hi! it's awesome that you used to be in the MS Chorus. I'm in two choirs at UWM :)

I am a sometimes alto, but spent most of high school and half of college as an alto. Now I have the schizophrenic existence of being between parts!

But I agree with you -- altos do not usually have the fun parts to sing. And when we do, isn't it great??? I sing with a women's choir so sometimes the alto parts are a little better because there's no tenors to steal the good harmony. :):)
Ya, in the words of one of the great Jodi, "Tenors are over rated."

Hehehe, though Jodi is a soprano... but the *important* thing
is that she dissed on tenors. Tehehe.

Sir Zylom
I'm in love with a tenor, so hush guys! lol As I said in my first post, it's quite fun to sing below your boyfriend, though! ^-^